The Dragatomi Monster Ball

This would mark my first visit outside the bay since moving here.  Our little excursion took us to Sacramento for a visit to Dragatomi and the Monster Party kaiju show, featuring the work of Mark Nagata, Gatchabert, DLux and LilJapan.

Loved the Dragatomi store.  Not only do they have a great layout and selection, but the proprietors are super nice folks.  If you're ever in Sacramento, this is undoubtedly a mandatory stop.

While everyone at the show was a pleasure to visit with I especially enjoyed chatting with Mark Nagata.  I look forward to revisiting the subject of Japanized youth-culture in America as a result of Japanese media consumption, being something that I may have a slight obsession with.  Mark and Jeremy Dale were even kind enough to indulge my new experimental endeavor.

On the way out we swung by Rick's Dessert Diner and feasted with our eyes on the incredible selection of sugary delights.  In reality I managed to be good and only have half a piece of white chocolate brownie.  It was delicious.  If you have a sweet tooth and find yourself in the California capitol I highly recommend it.

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