Okami: Saving the World

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Long overdue and much anticipated by the masses that just can't get enough of my writing (being the rodents and insects that nibble away at the papers in my home), my thoughts on Okami are finally coming to a monitor near you. I thoroughly enjoyed Okami, that's for sure. It was an interesting time, filled with the wonder that the game's innovations brought about, and infused with the recognition of old formulas being used once more.

Follow the links for the full article. Due to its rather lengthy nature, I am providing it in multiple posts.
  1. Initial Thoughts
  2. Thoughts on Art
  3. Thoughts on Nature
  4. Thoughts on Stories
  5. Thoughts on Karma
  6. Final Thoughts

Though not entirely necessary, reading this article in the order prescribed above would probably be best. Afterwards feel free to post any comments and thoughts you might have, and maybe even Digg It! It's (almost) always nice to hear back from my readers. All two of you.

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