An Invitation From The United States Of LOL

Hey you. Yeah, YOU! You want some free money? Then read on my greedy friend, read on. For the experimental little project that was inspired by little more than a sure-why-not from a couple of years ago at Anime Expo in LA has just launched. Back then I was contacted by a fellow anime art fan and con-goer about printing and giving out some ONE LOL bills. The photos that came back sparked an idea, and now that idea is finally taking off. Here's how it works...
The United States Of LOL is distributing free currency which you can download and print yourself. Photographs of you with said currency, or any placement thereof, may be chosen for publication on this site should you choose to submit them.
You are hereby invited to participate.  Print out some LOL bills, get creative, take some pics and send them in.  Print some fake money, get internet famous.  What's not to love?  Head on over to The United States States Of LOL for details and to download the goods.

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