The Almighty Dunny Show

Right before Thanksgiving I sent my newly painted 3 inch Dunny to New York for The Almighty Dunny Show.  Curated by Genuine Artikle and hosted at Halcyon in Dumbo Brooklyn, the exhibition opens on December 11th and features a large roster of some familiar names...
Abe Lincoln Jr, Cope 2, D-LuX, Mishka NYC, Patricio Oliver, Task One dust, Jay222, Nerviswr3k, Nemo, Sneaky Raccoon, Igor Ventura, Leecifer, Tyler Coey, Suckadelic, Damarak the Destroyer, Viseone, Sinned, Droppixel, Osiris Orion, James Fuller, Jon Paul Kaiser, Sergio Mancini, Bryan Collins, Bishop 203, Chelsea Bloxsom, Ahh'd Art, Spanky Stokes, Tenacious Toys, Frank Mysterio, Brian Colins, Rampage Toys, Miss Kika, Nasty Neil, Albert Art, Trevor Zammit, FOOX Okkle, Royce Bannon, Phetus, Mr DEN, ZAM, Ian Ziobrowski, James Yeah?, valleydweller, Uncle, Matt A, Resin, Chris Rabb, Blake West, Christian Cabuay, Chamarro, Squidkidsink, FAS, Taz, Evilos, Tom Freak, Allison Revilla, Paul Duran, Ardabus Rubber, Hellsing Chaos, Jonathanway$hak, Pretty Poopie, Owen Dewitt, Paddy Leung, We Kill You, Adam Lee, Ashley Hay, Aaron Jasinski, Michal Wisniowski, Ego, Valerie G, Moody, SNO, The Chief Rocka, Lana Crooked, Matucha Studio, Danicus Prime, Dave Rapoza, Juan Franco, Jennipho, Adam Miller, Perry J Osman, Taek, Alone One, Troy Stith, The Flighty Ellz, DESN, Mr. Walters, Cozy Robot, Chrisosaur, Nikejerk, and MANY more!
Some of these great artists I have had the pleasure of meeting personally, or at least becoming more familiar with their work through social media.  Names in bold are some of those whose twitter conversations I'm stalking with the occasional participatory remark.

Chances are that my humble contribution will be heavily overshadowed by such a strong group.  Nevertheless, it's a good opportunity to get in another show.  One of only three this year for me given the big East/West Coast switcheroo.

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