An Intro to Bay Area Art Scene[ery]

Collage art at the Oakland Organic Food Fair.

Three months in the bay is a short time, yet it feels like I have been here twice as long at least.  In those three months I have been fortunate enough to experience some really great artwork both in the city and the East Bay. During the first weekend here I got a little glimpse of some great pieces at a gallery in Oakland's river-walk area (pictured above).

A few weeks later, after a fun day with new artist-friends at Alternative Press Expo, we were going trough the Mission admiring all the great street art in those awesome alleyways. Towards the end of our little trek we finally found the Banksy we were looking for!

Jeremiah Ketner and I at Gallery 1988 S.F.

By the time November rolled in, its first weekend brought with it a fantastic exhibition at Gallery 1988 in San Francisco. Featuring the works of Jeremiah Ketner, Yosuke Ueno, and Ewelina Ferruso, the opening brought a lot of us out to admire the paintings and mingle with SmallandRound.

Concurrent exhibits of collaborative work between Glen E. Friedman and Shepard Fairey as Fuck You All, as well as one called Bad Dads: A Tribute To The Films Of Wes Andersen, made for an interesting detour in a two-or-so block radius.

Yosiell Lorenzo and I at Bad Dads.

After the show the lot of us shuffled on over to Tommy's Joint and then topped it all off with late night donuts! Yeah, us old folks party hard. Which is also why we've been dubbed Toy Pimps by toy-maven Jeremyriad.

Image via Jeremyriad.

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