Scott Hove's Cakeland

Last week the gang and I took a little trip down to Oakland.  In the middle of a questionable neighborhood on Shattuck there lies nonchalantly a wonderland made of cake.  In a corner building artist Scott Hove created Cakeland in the storefront and works out of a studio in the back.

Scott was kind enough to invite a group of us art enthusiasts into his space where we proceeded to ooh and aah over his sugary creations.  Only thing is, none of the cakes are edible!  They are made of synthetic materials that will last practically forever, not unlike the cakes available at Wal-Mart, but Hove's are works of art that have gained no small amount of recognition.

Said pieces were exhibited at La Luz de Jesus gallery in 2010, and written up on BoingBoing as well as in HiFructose Magazine, just to name a few.  I came across some of those photos online last year, though I can't recall where exactly, and was excited to get to see this work in person.  There is a tension between the inviting, sweet and frosted presentation and the canine maws, as embedded in some of the cakes, or other skeletal parts entombed in the installation.  It's a kid of lure-and-trap scenario.

This was also a prime opportunity for LOL placement, and I would like to thank Scott for generously indulging my request to snap some shots for The United States of LOL.  Last but not least, check out this album for some even better photos of the Cakeland expedition.

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