T.2.0 Prototype

Recently finished my submission for the Cameron Art Museum's "Toying with Art" exhibition. The title of the piece is T.2.0 Prototype, which is based on the Tears 2.0 painting from last year. It's my first foray into making customs, so I used all polymer clay for this and painted it with acrylic. While waiting for coats of paint to dry I also created a box for it, which is documented below.

The back label on the box contains a fun little description of the toy. Here is what it reads...

The T.2.0 Specimen is the result of a failed genetic experiment. Created from alien genes of unknown origin, its life is sustained only by a constant flow of lachrymal secretion. The cause of this phenomenon has yet to be determined.
It was very time consuming to make this piece, and a definite learning experience. Being new to the medium I had some research to do, and was able to find some information on the Kidrobot forums. The biggest help, however, was Mike Slobot. Thank you for your patience and willingness to offer many useful suggestions Mike!

After the jump, and without further ado, see the progress shots of the T.2.0 Prototype custom toy...

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