There Is Another

While doing some gallery research I came a cross a piece which obviously looked rather familiar. Since I had done a similar painting not too long ago for [peripheral/interface], I noticed it right away. Artist Susan Crile put together an entire series called "Abu Graib: Abuse of Power."

It comes as no surprise that her piece is so similar to mine, as the photograph which both of these paintings are based on was popularized by the media and therefore became a logical choice as a recognizable icon. Interesting to note is also that there are about four years of time separating her piece and mine. She created hers back in 2005 when the events were still fresh in the public mind, while I returned to the issue somewhat late. Nevertheless, Abu Graib recently came back into the media on account of president Obama's efforts.

My desire to post this was in part fueled by being surprised there was not more artwork based on the Abu Graib tortures. Granted, there is some. Yet I would have thought there would be more. Perhaps I just haven't come across much of it.

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