LOL Economics @ Anime Expo

Having posted my new work from [peripheral/interface] on DeviantArt not too long ago, I was happy to find positive feedback from many people I know on that website. In addition, a number of strangers also enjoyed the new pieces and commented on them as well. Shortly thereafter I was contacted by one DA user who enthusiastically asked permission to print out copies of my "Economics" painting and hand them out at Anime Expo.

Happy to receive the request, and having already planned to print out some "bills" for myself, I put together a template for these and send it off to him. As these things go, I didn't really think much of it at the time and only asked for some photos in return. So, as weeks went by I completely forgot about this until I received an email last week. At first I thought it was spam and almost deleted it until I saw the photos!

I trust you'll agree with me that these are great shots, and I think the idea was brilliant. "Economics" has gone on a mini tour to Anime Expo this year. Even though doing this series made it impossible for me to attend a con this year, it would seem that a little piece of me managed to go nonetheless. Big thanks to you DarkAssasin, you made my day! This was a great idea, and one that I hope we can repeat.

If anyone else would like to receive the template for printing these, I will be happy to send it to you. Simply contact me here or anywhere else online and we will exchange information. I would love for these to go to lots of other places and cons, providing of course that you can send me a photo!

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