In less than two weeks I will be opening my new exhibition to the public. A collection of brand new work, this show is made up of several months worth of consistent effort.

The title [peripheral/interface] is a two-fold description of what will be on display. Quite literally, I am using video game and electronic peripherals which are connected directly to my paintings as an "interface." More figuratively, it is also a reference to something which exists on the periphery of perception, and something else which interfaces directly. In essence, I am hoping to bring some ideas which have remained outside of common awareness into focus.

I admit that the new pieces are a bit of a departure from my previous focus on anime style pop art. While I enjoyed doing the somewhat abstracted and stylized anime paintings, I had begun feeling restricted by doing only that type of work. I decided it was time to let the other influences in my life make their presence known, and these are the fruits of those labors. My artist statement has been updated to reflect this new shift...

My fascination of documenting and exploring anime and manga visuals continues to lead me in a direction which reveals its place in our culture. This visual vocabulary, once confined by national and geographic boundaries, now permeates our Western societies. It has become part of the sub-cultural fabric of our world and continues to assert its permanence.

The wave of media that has ushered in a new Japanization of the West still serves as the foundation for my work, but now I must let in all the other elements attached to this phenomenon that have long tried to break through. The cultural trends of consumerism as well as national and international politics do not exist without effect on the media which fuels my endeavors.

While my interests are varied and many, they are now becoming one with the art I create. This is the time when I must gather video games, anime, technology, consumerism, philosophy, religion, multiculturalism, and politics together. It may be too much, but my generation lives in a world where all these exert their influence. Sometimes it really is too much.

The new exhibition will open on Friday, May 29. The opening reception will take place from 7:00 to 10:00 pm, at The Artbox in downtown Wilmington (255 North Front St - map). Live chiptune and electronica music will be performed by Subterrene during the reception! Admission is free to the public, and everyone is invited. Hope to see you there, and please bring your friends. You can also help me spread the word about the show by reposting this, or promoting the Facebook event.

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