Magical Easel!

For a mere $25, you too could have your very own magical easel! That's right. A few days ago on Wilmington's section of Craigslist, a "Magical Easel" was posted as being for sale.

Very nice, very portable (magical) wooden easel that is wood and wing nuts and clamps and very easy to put up and take down with a wide bottom "shelf" and a top brace/canvas holder that adjusts easily. (No, I have no idea what I am talking about!)

(Though I have no knowledge of painting supplies nor painting, I picked up this easel at a junk store recognizing that it had magical properties. As I have no understanding of the process, I do not know what those properties are.)
Fascinating. I would be curious to know just how this person realized that the easel has magical properties. Though it does seem odd that, while he was able to intuit the presence of magic, the specifics of its properties eluded him.

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