Facebook Quiz Madness!

I've become an avid Facebook user, that much is clear. And while there are a number of features about Facebook which I am not entirely thrilled about, nothing has been irritating me more than the wretched quizzes. Every day, a ton of people in my home news feed keep posting their quiz results. After taking a couple of these quizzes myself, I quickly realized how irrelevant and ridiculous they truly are. Since anyone can create a quiz with a little know-how, it's no wonder that they don't make any sense.

If it's not the "What Painting Are You" quiz, then it's the "Who Were You in a Past Life" quiz, or the "Where Should You Live" quiz, etc, etc. There is probably hundreds of random quizzes on Facebook when you click on any "more quizzes" link. Anything from finding out what flavor of ice cream you are, to what car you are. Not that anybody cares. I certainly don't care about the results of everyone's quiz taking, no offense. I am much more interested in communicating with people about more important matters.

And so, since I can't not see the results without removing all updates from a particular user from my home news feed, I have taken on a different approach to fighting back. That's right. I have created a quiz! The quiz of all quizzes. The "What Quiz Should You Take???" quiz! As an artistic experiment of sorts, I created results which are even more ridiculous than the quizzes themselves. This quiz itself is nothing more than a parody of Facebook quizzes, designed to illustrate the utter nonsensical nature of those things.

So, if you are like me and are tired of quizzes on Facebook, then join me in spreading this viral retaliation using the very thing we wish to be rid of. Be a part of the quiz against quizzes campaign!

The funny thing is, that after I wrote all the questions and results, it turned out that the quiz was more insightful than I had anticipated. Even if it is a parody, it is actually a pretty good quiz, too.

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