The Artbox: Opening Night

Friday night, February 27, marked the opening of a new group exhibition within the black walls of the Artbox in Wilmington. The group show, which featured yours truly as well as several other great local artists, got some great press in the Encore, which I previously posted about [link].

While I didn't have any sales that night, nor did I expect to given the nature of the market right now, it was great to show my work in a new venue and to a new audience. We had an excellent turnout, especially for such a new venture, so I think the press and word of mouth did a great job of advertising the event. I've also posted some photos in a Facebook album [link] from the opening.

As far as I'm concerned, the Artbox is probably the best alternative exhibition space in town at this point. After the closing of Three Hounds Gallery in December, there isn't even a for-profit gallery space that is as large or versatile as the Artbox. It's presence in Wilmington is a boon to the local art community, especially during these troubled times. Even if most of us still can't sell work around here, at least there is now a good way to show it.

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