Aniwave '08 a Big Success

I would like to thank everyone for helping make this year's Aniwave a big success! With the added press we received from Encore, WWAY News Channel 3, as well as WHQR 91.3fm and StarNews, attendance was up significantly from last year. While securing financial support was a challenge this year, several sponsors came forth to make Aniwave a reality.

The festival would not have been possible without the support of Michael L. Glancy, AnimEigo, Sawgrass Gifts, the Cameron Art Museum, and Level 5 at City Stage. We are grateful for all of their assistance. I would also like to thank Tokyo Deli for donating some food items, as well as all of our attendees who contributed with additional donations.

A lot of people helped to promote Aniwave or lend their assistance in various capacities, and I would also like to acknowledge them here. A big thank you to Branson Moore and Aaron Cavazos at AnimEigo, Daphne Holmes at the Cameron Art Museum, the Independent Art Company staff, Ian Moseley at Level 5, Christina Dore and Shea Carver at Encore, Andy Scherr and Joe Mauceri at WWAY, Jemila Ericson at WHQR, John Staton at StarNews, Sarah Scott at New Hanover High School, Analie Foland, Pippin Calame, Caroline Culbert and the Schoonover family.

For those who joined us, you have probably been waiting for the photos from the event; while those who were not able to come may be curious how it all went. So without further ado, you can find photos from Aniwave '08 at the following address...

Thank you all again. I couldn't have done it without your strong support, and Aniwave would be nothing without all of you!

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