Full Circle Wisdom

Every once in a while my thoughts drift back to my experiences at Odiyan. And every once in a while I check up on what's going on with it, and it's affiliated organizations, online. One bit of news is that www.odiyan.org has been redesigned and now reflects current information. That's a big plus, and something that was probably overdue.

I also browsed through the Nyingma Institute website, and the Tibetan Aid Project website. The latter has a wonderful video linked on it, which is available on Google Videos (higher quality) as well as Youtube. I recommend you watch it (above) if you have time. It explains the mission of the Nyingma organizations very well, and made me remember the purposeful sentiments I felt while working with them.

On July 24, I received a lengthy email with the official announcement that "Cintamani is done!" At last, the project which is contributed to has been completed. Cintamani temple is the largest temple at Odiyan, and the primary project which I worked on. From what I understand, it's also the largest Buddhist temple in America, and possibly the entire West (though I'm less confident in making that claim).

Someday I intend on seeing this completed project with my own eyes. Someday when I return to California...

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