We Have Books!

Nikki and I have recently launched two art books. Both of these books are available for sale online through Lulu.com, as well as local stores.

Paintings, by Michal Wisniowski

Paintings is a 44 page art book featuring my selected work from 2000 to 2008. The book contains 16 full color images of my paintings. To see a preview, or purchase the book for $19.99, click here.

Doodles, by Nikki Wisniowski

Doodles is an art book of 19 pages, with full color artwork by Nikki Wisniowski. It features 17 selected works done in pen, watercolor, and illustration marker. To see a preview of Doodles, or purchase the book for $14.99, click here.

Both books are available locally at Old Books On Front St, as well as Sawgrass Gifts. If you purchase one of our books either online or in stores, or have already seen it, we encourage you to write a review on Lulu.com for the appropriate item by following the above product links.

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