Art Games: News & New Releases

On account of a time crunch, and multiple posts waiting to be finished, this is going to be more of a news recap. I had intended to write some profound kind of commentary on the recent developments in art games, yet unfortunately that will have to wait.

Rest assured, some important games have come out in the genre this spring, while notable personages have tackled the subject in some form or other. An insightful critique of Rod Humble's new Stars Over Half Moon Bay was posted on Arthouse Games by Jason Rohrer. Meanwhile, Destructoid addresses art games in their podcast.

Additional comparisons were made between Portal and Rohrer's art game Passage, as well as Portal and Immortal Defense. Much of this has been mentioned in the Indiegames Blog feature Games As Art.

Which brings us to more notable art game released worth mentioning since my last big post. Though not exhaustive by any means, most of these have come out fairly recently.

Stars Over Half Moon Bay

The Graveyard


The Hangover



Knytt Nano


Randy Balma: Municipal Abortionist (coming soon)

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