A Thank You To Our Lurkers

I know that this somewhat silly little blog of mine doesn't get that many visitors. And I'm okay with that. Still, I'd like to believe that there is a small band of regulars that lurk around my posts and actually enjoy reading this junk. Though sometimes I do wonder why I actually write this stuff at all.

Initially, I started the blog for myself as well as Nikki to post on. The intention was to keep our friends and family somewhat updated on our artistic endeavors since most of them live far away from us. Or is it that we live far away from them? In either case, that was the original idea. Now it's been over a year, so yes I kind of missed the blog's one year anniversary, and I really doubt whether any of our friends and family visit this thing at all. That and it's turned a bit into my blog, as Nikki doesn't post much anymore.

These days it seems that it's mostly strangers from all over the world that come here. Most of them stay for a very short time, if at all. Nevertheless, my trusty Statcounter indicates that there are two or three people out there that seem to visit mentisworks a lot. This is where I would like to extend a warm thank you for your support, albeit somewhat invisible.

Thank you very much, to the mysterious die-hard from the UK who's returning visits are approaching the 200 mark. Also, a big thanks to another long-time fan from the Ukraine (you're not far from my home country!). Finally, welcome and thank you to the most recent regular from Michigan. I hope that you all are finding something useful in these pages, and feel free to drop me a line anytime.

We appreciate everyone's support, and hope that mentisworks will continue to grow, prosper, and provide something of interest in the crowded intrawebz of 2008.

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