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As I browsed through my traffic stats today I noticed that a lot of people were coming over here from 1UP. This is a little odd, because I wasn't aware of any recent links from there. Well, it would appear I was wrong. During the weeks when my connection was down, I seem to have gotten a little nod from Scott Sharkey and Darren Gladstone for my mediocre and weird little demo called Copic Fighter.

The 2008 iteration of 1UP's 101 Free Games lists Copic Fighter in the shooter category. No screenie, but it does get one awesome little description:

The pen is mightier than--what the hell is this game even about? You're a sharpie shooting irate eyeballs? Man, don't ask. Just shoot. Kind of a work in progress, though. At present you'll probably play through it in about two minutes. Just long enough to draw weird looks and impossible questions from anyone looking on.
Seriously, that is probably the best paragraph that's ever been written about Copic Fighter. Those guys are awesome! What's even weirder, or interesting perhaps, is that it's in the list twice. A little editing mistake to be sure, but I'm not complaining. Now maybe I'll put some effort into finishing the game off a bit. So yeah, I'll just keep telling myself that.

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