Eye After Abe

"Eye After Abe." Acrylic on fiberboard. 31 in X 35 in.

A few days ago I finished another painting. This one follows my series of "eye paintings." In part it was inspired by my recent re-watching of Serial Experiments: Lain. Lain was the series which compelled me to begin painting anime in the first place, and I wanted to do another study of Abe's style. This result is a closer examination of some stylistic attributes in the style of Yoshitoshi Abe.

I have made some changes of course, but his work is rather distinctly different than that of other mangaka and anime artists. I wouldn't say that I am completely satisfied with the painting, but I would also not call this piece unsatisfactory. All in all, it turned out well. It just isn't as "perfect" as I would like it to be. Next time perhaps.

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