Two New Works

Recently I have completed two new paintings. Both are a slight departure from my continuing obsession fascination with anime eyes. Greater emphasis was placed on color in these works as well.

"Closed Eye." Acrylic & oil on canvas. 30 in x 22 in.

This first piece was done from a sketch I had finished some time ago. I thought it interesting to try and see how much effectiveness of the anime eye can be retained when the eye is closed. The result I find fairly successful, and a little surprising even. Keeping to a monochromatic palette helps to retain focus on the closed eye.

"Mouth Study." Acrylic on canvas. 20 in x 16 in.

The second piece was begun last year, and supposedly finished. However, I had used the wrong brush to add the black lines at the end, and the whole thing didn't turn out very well. It sat around for a while in it's state of semi-completeness until I could figure out what to do about it. I decided to simply go back a few steps and repaint the individual areas of color. This also gave me a chance to adjust the colors a little more. I ended up doing a lot of layers on this, and putting in additional texture in the yellow area. Finally, I was able to redo the lines proper and tweak the mouth.

I suppose this is the first official "mouth painting" in what will turn out to be more when I'm not working on the "eye paintings." Chances are I'll be doing both series simultaneous at some point though.

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