Symptoms of Art Exposure

When I am seeing art that resonates with me with particular strength, it is an experience of abundant clarity. Some artwork I know I like, but it's the especially good stuff that has a very specific effect on me. I always thought this was unique to me, and have never met anyone else who experiences art in this way. Yet I must allow for the possibility that many people do, but that they are simply not willing to admit or discuss this fact.

I would like to describe just exactly what I have observed to be happening to me physically when I am exposed to just the right type of artwork. Naturally, the visual stimulus comes first, followed by a gut reaction. Literally, I feel a tightening in my abdomen. My breathing and heartbeat quicken. More notably, I start to get goosebumps going down my neck, arms, back and all the way down to my feet. I feel energy build up in me, the energy to go off running and maybe even jumping for joy. Some or all of these symptoms may persist after the initial exposure for several minutes up to perhaps a quarter to a half hour even.

Admittedly this is a somewhat peculiar reaction, but nevertheless it's true. It does vary in magnitude, too. Thought it isn't every day that I actually feel this way from simply looking at art, it does actually happen not infrequently. There are a handful of artist which manage to get me going this way, and one in particular is Takashi Murakami. Though I don't suspect that you'll have this kind of experience from watching the video above, I think that you may find it intriguing and maybe even inspiring.

Above all, I am still curious to hear about other people's physical and emotional reactions to art that they find especially powerful. Maybe I'll even find someone out there who experiences it the same way I do. Someday.

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