Curly Brace: The Painting

Some time ago I created a vector of Curly Brace from Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari). What came before that, however, was a sketch I did of that same image. I had intended to make a larger piece from that sketch for a while and at one point I had begun working on painting it. I think I got about half way done with this painting before setting it aside.

I can't remember exactly what was happening at the time, but I must have gotten busy and lost a little of my motivation to finish this painting. So it sat there for a good few months unfinished, hanging out on the easel and looking at me expectantly. Thankfully, things have started to simmer down in terms of everything going on work-wise, and I find myself painting more and with renewed determination.

Last week I finally thought better of keeping her in suspense like that and decided to finish the piece. So here I present you with "Curly Brace." The canvas is 20 in. by 24 in. She's a bit of a symphony in blues, but that's because I wanted to keep to the original colors present in the game's character portrait (link).

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