Arete II Competition Results

Not too long ago I was honored with the opportunity to serve as a judge for the Arete II walling competition at Minitokyo. The restrictions for this contest were that artists had to use a specific Kunie Kanbara scan to create their walls with.

After all the submissions came in, which we had a total of seven, I could get to scoring each based on technical ability, aesthetic ability, and original quality. Once all the judges sent in their scores, the winners were determined to be as follows.

First Place: Naomi-chan2612

Second Place: Regenbogen

Third Place:

Please visit the competition results page for the rest of the submissions. Though they did not place in the top three, they all deserve recognition for their efforts. In addition, that page lists all of the judges' comments on each piece. Naturally I can't repost my comments here on account of such an act dissolving my anonymity as a judge.

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