Okami: Final Thoughts

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In the end, this is a game which comes along so rarely. I don't know that I have had the privilege to play something made with such care and forethought in a very long time. Okami is more than a game to me, it is a work of art.

I believe that much can be learned from this game, and I would even suggest that it would be a valuable tool in the classroom. This title has fueled my belief in the fundamental importance of art in our lives. Beyond that, it sends a message to the world that art should be cherished and cultivated, whether it be in visual form or literary. Few other games make evident the significance of images and stories in our world, and even fewer indicate a way in which we can use them to better our lives.

Okami establishes these priorities, but adds to them guidelines for interaction with the natural world and the people around us. Based in Asian traditions, it may not be unusual for the developers to have gone this route, though the lessons on karma posses universal relevance. The one conclusion I can draw from all this is that if we were to follow the methods for leading our lives as proposed by Okami, the world would surely be a better place.

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