The Daedalus Project: Finito.

The Daedalus Project is something that I became interested in as an recovering MMO addict earlier this year. I've always been very hardcore when it comes to my videogaming. However, I've tried to set boundaries such as taking time to bathe and eat every so often, and stave off the geeksweat which builds up when you sit too long behind a controller, mouse, or keyboard. Don't even get me started on DDR pads, either.

Daedalus describes in detail the psychology behind MMO's, and those who play them. There is a plethora of information there regarding the best stories and the worst, and after reading just a few of them, I began wonder how much better off I was in comparison to my fellow gamers. Daedalus began as the research for a thesis of a Psych major on his/her way to their PhD. I recently visited the site when I received an email, saying that Daedalus was completed, and the student received his/her PhD. Kudos, I say! It's been a long time in coming. I feel slightly special, knowing that I contributed to this project with some of my thoughts on online games. It is rare to find an unbiased project such as this, since newscasts and reports lean towards the opinion that videogames such as World of Warcraft and other popular titles have the potential of being just as bad as crystal meth, or worse. Here's a link to our previous posts on MMO's.

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