Anime & Costumes at the CAM

In the post Animazement lull things were, obviously, quiet. Too quiet. Soon the forums were busy with otaku experiencing post-con depression, and consequent plans for meeting up as a remedy. Ever wanting for more anime related events, I soon began discussing plans for such a thing with the Cameron Art Museum. Since then, we have decided, though not solidified, August 31 as the date for such an undertaking.

The event details, also available in this thread, are as follows. On Friday, August 31, we would like to get interested cosplayers and cosplay fans in on a tour of the current costume exhibition at the CAM. The tour will last about one and a half hours, and should start around 5 pm. Following the tour, the anime screening will begin at 7 pm.

Plans for what anime will be shown are still being worked out, but the possibilities are available in this forum thread. Another thread, for the costume exhibit tour discussion can be found here. As we get closer to the event date, information will be updated here as well as on the forums.

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