The Vice Squad

On May 18th, a new show's opening up at ERA, downtown Wilmington. The focus of the show, as you might guess, is the vices. Each artist randomly drew one of the vices on the list to create a piece specifically for this show.

My vice turned out to be "infidelity." I initially assumed the common definition and went with that. But at some point I decided to look it up on Wikipedia (link), and found that the definition was much broader than I had realized. Apparently, infidelity is a "breach of faith" in any type of relationship, personal or professional. Knowing this helped with my design, and now I feel that my painting can be interpreted in as many ways as the definition itself.

I also feel privileged to be in this show with other very prominent local artists. Many of them I know personally, and names like Dan Brawley, Sullivan Dunn, Bonnie England, Chet Fisher, and Dixon Stetler have continually come up in the art community here.

Most who will read this I know don't live close enough to see the show, but I will post my finished painting and some additional photos of the opening here after the fact. For those who do live close by, I hope to see you there. I think this show is going to be very interesting indeed.

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