One Fine Night In A Bookstore

So, the Walden's Books in the mall is closing down this month. They've got seven days left to unload a ton of books on the public. Last night, Mike and I splurged on manga books. :D There was actually an enormous section of manga there, and several artbooks by some of our favorite Japanese artists. I love, absolutely love Yoshitaka Amano and Yoshitoshi Abe, and I was drooling over their large-format artbooks last night. We stuck to the paperbacks, though, and got a pretty sweet deal of 40% off. I wonder, if we go back there on the day before close, if there'll be a better discount.

We also picked up FLCL, volume 7 of Blame (which we can't read yet, since we still need volumes 5 and 6...), and a couple novels based off the game .hack. I'm halfway through one of those novels already...I've been reading for a couple hours this morning, after eating my delicious breakfast and sipping tea. That, folks, is what you call a Good Morning. :D

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