Infidelity of Tomoe

For ERA's "The Vice Squad" exhibition I ended up drawing infidelity as my vice. As previously mentioned, I wanted to work with the broadness of its definition with my image.

The inspiration came from Rurouni Kenshin, and the character of Tomoe in particular. For the uninitiated, she is the widow of a nobleman who was killed by Kenshin. She then searches for Kenshin with the intention of revenge. Yet after staying staying with him under false pretense, Tomoe begins to fall in love with Kenshin. She wrestles with these emotions, the guilt of betraying her dead husband's memory on one hand, and the love she has found in knowing the true heart of Kenshin on the other hand.

In the end I hope that I managed to create an image which can have many different meanings, and will allow for as much variety in its interpretation as the people who will view it. You can also see it on Minitokyo.

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