Infidelity of Itsuki

After the opening at ERA for The Vice Squad, I received many wonderful compliments on my painting entitled Infidelity of Tomoe. I became somewhat attached to her, though I knew that I shouldn't. It had been so long since I had sold a painting, which is why it came as a bit of a surprise to me. Just five days or so after the opening Tomoe was already sold, and on her way to her new home in some strangers possession.

It felt strange not to know the person who bought my piece, and even though I was happy about the sale, I was a little sad to know that I would not ever see that painting again. In a way, I go through this every time I sell a painting. It almost makes me not want to get rid of them, but that would be silly. I will have to work on my "attachments."

Because of the Fourth Friday Art Walk, I needed to have a piece in the show to continue my representation in the Gallery. I was thus tasked with creating a new painting on fairly short notice. And so, the sequel to my first painting was born.

I present to you Infidelity of Itsuki. Inspired by the character Itsuki Kisaragi from RahXephon. Though I admit that it is not often I paint male faces, I thought this character to be a good match, still fitting the same vice, and the design of his face lent itself quite well to what I wanted to achieve. But I will leave the interpretations to the viewer.

You can also see this painting up on Minitokyo here. Your feedback is, as always, welcome and appreciated.

Update: I have been able to take a better photo of this piece now, so the image has been updated both here and on MT. The new image is sharper, and the colors are more accurate to the original, so it's of higher quality overall.

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