Animazement '07: Getting There

Even when we lived in "the triangle" we missed the Animazement convention a couple of summers ago. Now, though we don't live as close anymore, we still really wanted to go. Our plan initially was to get a table and be there as artists.

As is often the case, life got in the way of these plans. We didn't get the art together that we had planned on taking there, and then ended up missing the registration deadline. At least that meant a little less pressure. Though we were still planning to make the trip out there, and just see it and have a good time with friends.

We drove out to Chapel Hill on Friday morning, and surprised Joe in the store. After a few moments of catching up and some game-talk, we made our way over to storm Sarah's castle. Making it past her ferocious feline defenses, we then proceeded to ninja all her phat lewt! Or something like that. Actually we just abducted her for lunch. We dined at the nostalgically awesome Weaver Street Market (pictured above), and had Rice Dream Pies for desert. Yum.

Later that night, back at Joe's place, we gathered with Joe, Misty, Sarah, Ed, and Michael for some more relaxed conversation. It was wonderful to see the few friends we had actually made in the whole state once again. I wanted to give them all a big hug, but I thought that would have been a little too enthusiastic. After all, it's not like I'm needy or lonely or anything silly like that.

We made some tasty dinner, wonderful hearty soup courtesy of Misty-dono, to fill our empty bellies. Afterwards we geeked out on some more anime and various other minutiae, until I decided to subject everyone to Casshern. I think we all loved this wonderful movie! This was especially evident when Sarah cheered for the death of the protagonists fiancé, as well as the big sigh of relief everyone let out when the film was over. Ah well'awell.

Saturday morning Nikki made us all deliciously fluffy pancakes, and we had them with Misty's wonderful maple syrup from Maine. Yum again. Since Joe was forced to serve out his sentence of working the whole weekend, we wanted to spend time with him during his off hours. So the plan was to hit Animazement after he left for work. We ended up playing a fair amount of Guitar Hero that morning, and then went out to have lunch with Sarah and Ed again at Carrburritos. Yum number three.

On the way out of Chapel Hill we all hit the store in U-Mall again. They were having a tremendous sale on certain items, and we got a copy of W3: Frozen Throne for $10, as well as FFXII (Collector's) for $30. I'd say that was a pretty darn good deal, even though I know we're not supposed to shop there. So, after all these reunions, gluttony, and game shopping, we took our trusty Subaru back out onto I-40 and at last made our way to Animazement.

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