Animazement '07: Artist's Alley

After our escapades in the dealer's room, it was time at last to check out the artist's alley. I went by each table to look more closely at all the offerings. Granted that the majority of art there were by amateur mangaka and illustrators, but that's a good thing. It's nice to see us "little people" being represented so well. A handful of artists were present with more high quality work.

At the back of the "alley" I found Coey and a whole slew of her high quality prints. As I flipped through her portfolio I noticed that she was quite accomplished, and when I came upon her FLCL fanart I just had to buy one. Unlike the dealer's room, the artist's alley was very affordable. For $10 the print was now going home with us.

Be sure to check out her Deviant Art page, and her website. Though the site is currently down for maintenance, I do hope it will be back up soon. She had a small print of a Game Informer cover as well, though I don't recall ever seeing that particular one. Maybe it was a mockup? In any case, thanks for the great art Coey, and maybe we'll see you again next year.

One other table that had caught my eye showcased some very well done anime art carved into wood panels. It was done in a quite detailed way, and the wood was of good quality protected by a nice coat of varnish. Novelty factor aside, I thought the images looked very strong when presented this way. It gave all the contour lines a bold look.

As we moved on, we realized that we didn't have any way to carry the nice print around with us and didn't want it to get damaged, so a trip to the car was necessary. Upon our return we went over to see the art show that was in place close to the game room. Work was hung salon style, though the majority of it was not framed. Similar to what we saw in the artist's alley, the works there were primarily by non-professionals. Again, a select few pieces were of higher quality than the rest.

I think it would be a good idea to get some of our art into this exhibit next year. Our hope is also to get enough things put together to get a table in the artist's alley next year as well. Just got to remember the registration deadline.

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