"I Am 8-Bit" Exhibition

The I Am 8-Bit Exhibition opened about a week ago at Gallery 1988 in LA. You can see a video of the opening over at Vinyl Pulse, and catch more details about the incredibly successful opening night. To see photos of every single piece in the show, check out the complete photo set on the I Am 8-Bit website.

Though perhaps not quite as prestigious as MoMA, Gallery 1988 had people lined up to see this work all night. You can't argue with success, which only shows that they too are doing us a great service in supporting artwork influenced by gaming culture.

I must admit that I felt a slight tinge of disappointment at the overwhelming amount of Mario and Pac-Man art. Is there nothing else but Nintendo and Namco to choose from? Well, maybe I'll just have to prove them wrong. There were additional themes naturally, but images of Mario and his cohorts dominated the walls as you can see in the photo set mentioned above.

Nevertheless, this exhibition has undoubtedly generated a lot of good publicity for video game art. Maybe next year we can expect a little more diversity. A broader subject range can only serve us well, and there is certainly enough material to draw from.

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