Copic Fighter: Preview

My current game project has at last received a name: Copic Fighter. I suppose this also means that now I have to explain it. Very well. The term Copic is a brand of markers made for illustration. They have fantastic colors, and allow you to blend well. Copic markers are made by the Japanese company Too, and have been used extensively in the anime and manga industry.

As you might have discerned from the screenshots, your "ship" is actually the top part of a Copic marker. You "bullets" are in fact short strokes of ink. So the basic idea is that you are eliminating parts of anime faces using a Copic marker, with a limited ink supply. Each part that you eliminate, in this case eyes, leaves behind a little ink which you can pick up to replenish your supply.

The gameplay is that of a basic shooter, which should be familiar to most gamers. I am not aiming to create some masterpiece of a shmup. I'm not even aiming at creating particularly original gameplay, as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of shmups out there which will probably play better. Instead, I am trying to create a game which plays well enough, but is more interesting in terms of context and visual style. So you might even say that it's an art game more than it is just another arcade style shooting game.

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