Copic Fighter: Version 0.3.0

Over the last week I have made a number of changes to Copic Fighter. Even though many of the graphics were pretty good already, there were still a few which I wasn't entirely happy with. Here is a list of the new sprites that were created, and old ones that were changed...

  • Fixed kana error in title animation.
  • New ship sprite.
  • New player bullet sprite.
  • New life sprite.
  • New bullet impact animation.
  • New weapons upgrade animation.
  • New enemy explosion animation.
  • New player explosion animation.
  • New sprite for boss' big tear.
  • Created an Ink meter graphic.

That's right, I did finally fix the title by adding the "chuon." I know at least one person that's going to be happy about that, besides myself of course. As per some other suggestions, I made some changes to the gameplay mechanics. Among those, an important difference is that the green eyes no longer drop Ink. Since they are easy to destroy, because bullets go through them, I decided it was a good idea to remove that particular reward.

In addition, I have adjusted the speed of several objects, which should provide a slight change in the pace of the game. The unfortunate part is that the speed of the game is as much influenced by what I dictate as it is by the speed of the computer that it's run on. That's not a particularly good thing, so I will try and research the possibility of capping the frame rate.

Last but not least, I have fixed the irritating menu cursor bug. So no more getting the cursor stuck in odd places on the title screen.

This version has been primarily about tweaks and improvements, and not so much about content addition. I'd like to get some of the gameplay aspects ironed out before I add additional stages to the game. I figured that as long as I have a solid core, adding content is going to be relatively easy. With that said, have a download and I hope you enjoy it.

Make sure to check the Readme file for instructions.

Download: Copic Fighter 0.3.0 (6.25 MB .rar file)

(I have changed the filehost to a more reliable source.  Please let me know if the link is breaks in the future.)

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