Copic Fighter: The Demo!

After about a month's worth of work, I am happy to announce that the first demo of Copic Fighter is now available. It features one stage, with enemy formations, and a boss fight.

New additions since the last update include animations for various aspects of the boss battle. Things like an immune hit animation, updated tears animation, a new destructible tear object, and an animation for destroying the boss. To go along with these, I added new sounds for each effect, as well as finally putting in the boss battle music.

This did bring to the foreground some of the audio limitations of Game Maker. Because of my desire for more complex audio effects, I found that performance was being noticeable taxed. In the end, I had to scale down my audio files a bit, but managed to retain the feel I was going for. Having to use .wav format is the primary reason for the game's increasingly large file size.

In any case, most issues have been ironed out on my end. So I hope that you will not experience any problems on your end either. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about my debut to the indy gaming scene. Enjoy!

Please check the included Readme file for instructions.

Download: Copic Fighter 0.2.6 (6.23 MB .rar file) | Mirror (via MediaFire)

Update: Thanks go out to The2Bears for picking up on this. They even said something nice about it!

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