Copic Fighter: Boss Battle

Current work on Copic Fighter has been centered on creating the boss battle for the first stage. I ran into more than a few snags of course. For the life of me I could not get the movement of the object right, and then it was the timing of its actions.

After creating the animation for it and adding them, I ran into even more problems with weird graphical glitches. My solution was of course unnecessarily complicated. But after some research I found a simpler way, and now it works quite nicely. It all basically boiled down to my ignorance of GM's built in variables.

After I got the behavior resolved, I set out to add the boss to the first stage. This would involve destroying all other enemy objects before the boss battle. But finding a way to do this so it looks like they only went off-screen has been tricker than I anticipated. Now I must once again research a method of doing this without creating additional problems, i.e. huge lag in the controls. I have yet to succeed in this.

If anyone wants to be bored with the details of the whole process, please be my guest.

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