Another Mongo Miracle

Our recent mongo scores included a nice lamp, and a few weeks later a nice shade for it.

We found the lamp outside our building, where various things keep turning up, and decided to show it some love. It sported an ugly cracked lampshade which did not suit its design, and the lamp no longer worked. It was actually a reading lamp, and the wiring had gotten twisted and frayed inside the swivel arm. Since the connections on the swivel arm were just about impossible to take apart (I think they were welded or epoxied), I got rid of that thing altogether and just made it a normal lamp. A couple new brass fittings to replace the arm, a little wiring, and the lamp was back in functioning order.

The shade had been discarded from another house on our block, and we ninja'd it in the night. It had a nice modern fabric exterior, but the plastic body was cracked to hell. That's right, the secret level in Cave Story!

Anyway. I digress. So because the body was not really removable, I decided to bandage it with a lot of clear tape. This worked well, because you can't see it on the outside.

We put the shade and lamp together, which matched really well. I love the body of the lamp itself, and I love the shade too. It worked perfectly with our new '70s wicker chair against the backdrop of our DIY solid white screen.

Chalk another one up for the mongo hunters. Check out our previous find here. And if you have any good mongo stories or finds, we'd love to hear about them!

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