Within A Deep Forest

I recently had the good fortune to spend some time with Within a Deep Forest. I'd like to thank the good folks over at Indygamer for bringing my attention to it, and if you're curious after reading this you can get the game here.

The game sports beautifully clean design, well thought out mechanics, and a wonderful soundtrack which all culminates in an ambiance and atmosphere reminiscent of games like Super Metroid. Still, Within a Deep Forest relies heavily on physics and the mastery of many sequences to progress, lending it that proper retro feel. And by "proper retro feel" I mean the love and hate relationships that I had with games of yesteryear.

There were moments when the game drove me a little crazy, especially since the stages increased in difficulty throughout the game. Amazingly enough I did manage to finish it though. But I remember swearing a few times in the final area called "Dr. Cliche's Underwater Laboratory." I vote that we rename the stage to something more fitting, like "Dr. Sadisto's Torture Chamber."

Other than that it was great! Seriously though, frustration aside, the game's polished visuals, gameplay, and music make this a worthwhile play. Some of you out there will surely be better at these types of games than me and may find it much less of a challenge. Either way, you should do yourself the favor of eperiencing Within a Deep Forest. I also suggest you grab the mod music from within the game's directory and listen to it for its shear enjoyment (Winamp and TCMP can play the files with proper plugins).

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