More Love for the Dreamcast

With Japanese companies still putting out shooters for the Dreamcast, the scene is still pulsating with life. This year we've seen three new shmup releases already! February brought us Last Hope and Trigger Heart Exelica. This month, Karous has been released (art above from CCC). Thanks to these new titles, Dreamcast units are selling out in Japan.

Ah my beloved Dreamcast. You may have been seriously wounded, but your soul still burns! That's also why I recently downloaded the cool "new" Sandman Demo Collection from the awesome DC Evolution, as well as Quake DC 10th Anniversary Edition. Both images are good quality releases, and are easily burned with BootDreams (a must have for DC homebrew).

As you might recall from a previous post, I was going through a lot of frustration when trying to get all the homebrew apps to work on my DC some time ago. Each one seemed to be a different image format, and few were even bootable (with or without my Utopia Boot CD). Eventually I did find BootDreams, which makes living life on the Dreamcast a walk in swirly clouds.

So here I was, with two new shiny Dreamcast discs ready to go. I went through every demo on the Sandman Collection, and was pleasantly surprised by several of them. My favorite demos would have to be the ones for BlockSmash (a Lumines clone!), a shmup called Drill with very nice artwork, and the infamous Noiz2SA which I love so very very much. That is not to say that the rest of the demos were not good, but many of them I had played previous to their appearance in this collection.

The other nice addition to my DC homebrew library, QuakeDC 10th Anniversary Edition, pleasantly surprised me when it came up on the screen. I had played it on my Zodiac a bit and it is of course a good game. However, this new version was somewhat different. The impressive list of features givew you an idea how different, and it shows just how much the folks at Titaniun Studios have polished this old classic. I must admit that the improved graphics make Quake look almost as good as Quake III: Arena for the Dreamcast. So that's yet another homebrew title with the qualities of a commercial release.

The Dreamcast refuses to die, and that makes me all too happy. It also makes me agree with Kotaku, in that Sega should get back into the hardware market and just make some more Dreamcasts for us, because we'll buy them!

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