Exposed: TheHate's Video Game Debut

It would appear that TheHate quietly debuted in her role as Pocky in Natsume's Pocky & Rocky (1993). I know! It came as a shock to me―that she has kept this secret from us for so long―but I tell you now, TheHate, you have been found out! I mean come on. Just look at that face. I know it's you, don't deny it.

Undoubtedly you thought that no one would suspect as long as you hid behind your 16-bit chibi facade. I'm afraid you thought wrong. Just go look at some of the additional evidence from SydLexia. Which begs the question, just how many other leading, supporting, minor roles and cameos of TheHate have we missed? Friends, do not be afraid to expose her past deeds. The truth shall set you free!

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