Keeping Track of My Phat Lewt!

For some strange reason, when I was browsing IGN the other day, I had this urge. The urge to finally, and at last, put up my video game collection. Not so much so that I can brag about it, though I still might, but mostly so that I can have a better idea of what I own. The ability to see stats that show me percentages of games by system are interesting. Also, the estimated value of my collection is intriguing, though certainly inaccurate.

It would be nice to know a more accurate estimate of my collection's value by having a way to pool prices of each item from the net (perhaps through Froogle), and then average them. This would not only include prices from e-tailers, but also from eBay. As far as I'm concerned, vintage games are collector's items and their prices are most accurately established on eBay. These tend to fluctuate of course, but if you collect vintage games (or not so vintage) then you already know all about eBay's importance in that market.

In any case, I think I have entered about 95% of my collection on IGN. The rest are stuck in a few boxes, which are primarily old school titles. I'll try to get to those eventually so I can have a more accurate representation on IGN. However, it is certainly true that I have a lot of games. Some day I should open a museum or something!

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