We're Just Another Spectacle of Selves

Big thanks to the folks over at Anti Patterns for putting up my Mentis Game Awards for Storytelling on their site. My French is nearly non-existent so I've had to use Google's translation to figure out the gist of the comments about the post. I posted a thank you there as well, but I haven't seen it go through moderation just yet.

In other news, we went to the Friday Nite Cucalorus (annual fest info here) and had a very nice time indeed. It was our first time at the weekly even which takes place at the Independent Art Company's micro cinema. Our viewing included the 60 minute film Poverty Outlaw. It struck somewhat close to home with me, as the film portrayed women and their children in Philadelphia who had been forced out of jobs due to downsizing and ended up on the streets. Meanwhile the local government authorities cracked down on them for taking refuge in abandoned buildings, cut their wellfare benefits, and took away their children.

This is something that happens all over this country. I know, I've been there. It happens all over this world. After the film I was reflecting upon my own history, especially before we came to The States. We had done our share of running from refugee camp to refugee camp in Europe. We had been deported from more than one country there, and stowed away past armed soldiers. But that's a story meant for a book. And maybe someday I'll have the courage to write it.

In the meantime, I'm looking at the prospect of having a show at the Independent Art Company. Might possibly combine it with a Friday Nite Cucalorus of anime. Rest assured, I'll be broadcasting it loudly when and if it happens.

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