A Pekingese Christmas Mod

The holiday season is a time to sprinkle fairy dust in your loved one's eyes, and to give thoughtful gifts, correct? While the retail holiday season was in full swing, I avoided stores, since places like that require something called money (or credit). My Polish family didn't receive many gifts from me this year, but I'd like to think the few things I did give were very thoughtful and sweet...though relatively inexpensive & time-consuming. For my delicious hubby, I got a tiny itty bitty SD card, 2 gigs worth. It never ceases to amaze me how much the tiniest gadgets cost, but considering how much memory his beloved Zodiac has after that upgrade, I think he likes it a lot. Gift certificates are good for those tricky people who ya know just have particular tastes. I didn't really get anything specifically for my sister-in-law or her boyfriend, seeing as they were getting a refurbished computer. Oo la la.

Getting a gift for your mother-in-law is a hair-raising experience. It didn't help that she specifically expressed no desire to get anything in particular this year. But you know that there's always something that she would like...

...Anyways, a trip to Walmart Hades for some pink knitting worsted, $2.19, some trim, $3.59, and a pair of needles, $1.59. And so, for a total of $7.37 and several hours of labor on my part, I made this scrumptious Pekingese Anti-Nudity Device. Puchiguso!!!

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