New Year's Eve In Wilmington: Nothing Happened

Last night for New Year's Eve, Nikki and I had hoped to keep things low key. At about 11:30 we headed on down to the river downtown. Wading through the drunken crowds that poured out of every bar and nightclub, we admired the attractive people of the night. Chances are they didn't look quite as good this morning.

Along with other onlookers gathering at the river walk, we found ourselves a bench and sat together awaiting the new year. At the stroke of mignight, cheers went through the crowds and the various establishments around us, and before us from across the river shot up invisible fireworks of nothingness!

That's right folks. The City of Wilmington completely dropped the ball this year, and I'm not talking about the twinkling one for New Year's. No fireworks. Not anything other than the jubilations of drunken party-goers. We kissed, and let out sighs of disappointment. C'est la vie, mon amis.

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