It's Raining In My Cranium...

I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post. That's not good. I guess I've been in a bit of a funk. A job related funk and a personal funk. I haven't felt like doing anything online, neglecting my blog and watching my Minitokyo notifications pile up. I'm sorry folks, as you, my loyal readers, have suffered in this. Oh wait, what readers?!? Ha ha...never mind.

Truth be told, when I feel down I take refuge in my games. I finished Cave Story over a week ago, and have begun replaying it to get to the secret stage and the third, and better, ending. However, not too long ago a dear friend of mine sent me a copy of Okami. A belated Christmas gift, but a very welcome one to be sure. So thank you for that!

Since then, I have been enamored with Okami and have been playing it quite a lot. Though when I first popped it into my PS2, my old system decided it was going on hiatus. I tried other discs, and as it turns out it had stopped recognizing almost all media. This did not make me happy. It got me down even more, but I was also pretty upset. I blamed Sony, and myself for not getting in on the massive free repair service they offered at one point.

My PS2 had been very bad, and it was time for it to get a spanking. I opened it up, and played around with "the white wheel of life and death." Eventually I got it to recognizing all my discs again and all was well. I was clear to spend many hours on Okami, and I sure have. How much more could I ask from a game? It has beautiful art, originality, wonderful music, it's saturated with Japanese folklore, and the story is wonderful and engaging to boot. I even managed to find the high resolution versions of the Okami walls, thanks to BBPS!

I'm still in the middle of it, and it has helped me to get through this emotional trough of mine. Playing Okami has actually rekindled my desire to play Zelda: Wind Waker, which I never have yet. And seeing as how it's nice and cheap now, I just might pick up a copy of that, instead of the newer and more expensive Twilight Princess. But that's still in the future, and Okami is what I am going to persevere with at present.

More importantly, Okami makes me feel better. It also makes me feel better about video games, thinking that there may be hope for the industry after all. I imagine that with the game's help, I'll be getting back to my regular post-happy self soon. I'll need to put a dent in those Minitokyo notifications too.

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