'Tis the Season, Part Deux....

Ok, the festivities are only a week away, and it still seems that there is so much work to do. Zomg, there's piles of crap everywhere!! =*( Instead of dealing with it, however, I thought a mid-morning break with some hot green tea and a Blog would be nice before I go at it yet again. I swear, I've cleaned more this month than I have in two years. Impressive, eh? (Somewhere in the back of my head, I'm hearing a voice like Darth Vader's replying: "Most Impressive.")

Yes, instead of cleaning, I'd rather just watch anime all the time. Even dubious anime, with a mild plot, is better than cleaning...for example, I was wondering what other works my favorite anime artists had been working on, and had worked on in the past. Angel's Egg (or Tenshi no Tamago) seems a unique anime that Yoshitaka Amano lent his artistic vision to, and of course I had to check it out. Amano is most famous for his character designs and artwork for Final Fantasy, which are timeless classics and gripping RPG's.

Now, I do not know much about the Egg, but it does seem to be very important in this anime, whose heroine is a young girl with sad eyes, oodles of hair, and who runs barefoot through a post-apocalyptic cityscape. She bears a striking resemblence to several of Amano's other heroines, ne? Ah well, my reprise is short-lived: Time to Clean again! =/

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