Lack of Posts + Blog Transitions + More Holiday Stuff

I feel the need to apologize for my lack of posts this week. So here's what's been going on. My top secret project is still ongoing, and I have been creating content for it. I made a few promo walls for it as well, and I would like to share one with you. The image above is a 1600 x 1200 desktop wall for this project, so I hope you enjoy it.

In the meantime, Mentisworks has been undergoing some transitions and modifications. We just switched to Blogger Beta, and I spent a good chunk of last night redoing our layout. When you switch to the new layout style of Blogger Beta, your old template html becomes invalid. But switching to the new format means that you loose all your customizations. So why would anyone want to do that you ask? Well, the new layout managing interface is a lot easier to use. No longer do you need to rummage through your template's html to make custom changes, but instead you can use the new interface. It was well worth for the convenience of the new features.

On top of all that, Christmas is fast approaching. And since we are hosting our family at our place this year, that means more work for us. So this week is pretty much crunch time for a lot of things. I do have a big article that finished for the blog, but I still need to edit it and make sure my fact and links are right and present. I can tell you that it's a big one. In the very near future, look for the Mentis Game Awards for Storytelling to appear on this page!

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