Right before Christmas I was looking at a Wikipedia article for Immortal, and noticed a reference to a Japanese film by the name of Casshern. I was intrigued, and quickly went to check out the trailer, which you can see above (via For a higher quality trailer (recommended) click here.

Maybe I'm easily swayed, but when I finished watching that footage I was blown away! Tell me that's not impressive. Or, well maybe don't tell me if you really think so.

In any case, the film is based on an older anime by the title of Casshan (新造人間キャシャーン Shinzō Ningen Kyashān), which I might have to try and hunt down as well. I did find Casshern on Amazon for something silly like $3, so I just couldn't resist.

After Christmas we sat down to watch it one day, and I must admit that it is all that, and more than, the trailer promises. The film presents some classic anime plot and character attributes, which I am generally fond of. More than that though, it is a film that portrays war negatively by showing the characters struggling through multiple brutal conflicts. A few plot twists were thrown in for good measure as well.

The most satisfying aspect of the film, as may be evident in the trailer, is its cinematography. Granted it is primarily CG, but that doesn't deter from my enjoyment of it at all. The scenes are beautifully composed, and the colors are vibrant. Overall the visual style is gorgeous, and akin to films like The City of Lost Children and Dark City (oddly both films share "city" in their title).

The whole experience left us quite impressed, and somewhat emotional, as there are plenty of tear-jerker scenes in Casshern. Afterwards, I just remember saying "that was incredible..."

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